What this blog is all about

Hello everyone!

My name is Nick and I have recently decided to start rambling about my thoughts on issues as well as thoughts I just have on a daily basis. I figured that I might as well start a blog so that maybe someone can benefit from me just going on about things. This blog will basically be about everything and everything, but I am sure the categories will narrow over time.

A little about me, well I am a pretty average guy. College graduate in the field of IT, work a full time job, still going to college to further my education. I have student loans like everyone else who has went to college and I also have issues just like everyone else. The only way I stand out is that I have a passion for learning, not to say you don’t, but mine is a sort of obsession. I learn about anything and everything I can just because it bothers me if I don’t know something. Now I am the first person to admit I don’t know something or that I am wrong when I am, but sometimes everyone gets some bad information. I find myself reading about IT, money, healthcare and general scientific things the most, but by no means is that everything I know.

But that’s enough of that for now. I want to welcome you to the blog and I hope that you will pick something up from it as it progresses. I am happy to hear any feedback you have for me, be it a comment on a post or an idea for a new one. With all that said, start reading!


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