Motivation: Inspire Yourself

Inspiration is a hard thing to find. But one of the most important things in life is finding what inspires you. Ironic, right? The thing we need the most is more elusive than the Road Runner to Wile E. coyote. That is why you need to take some time to sit down and figure out what is important to you in your life. Now this will change as time goes on and you accomplish things, so you may want to do it periodically. But it is vital you find out what you want from life and how you are going to achieve that.

Once you find out what is important to you, pursue it. And you need to keep yourself encouraged however you can. For me, I am very visual, I like to see things being accomplished. For me keeping motivate to purse my education meant hanging my diplomas on my wall in my office so that everyday I walked in and flipped on the lights, I could see that I have made progress. This keep me motivated to keep going. “Another few classes, that is it. You’ve made it this far” Is something I would tell myself everyday.

If saving money for a house is important to you, figure out a way to keep yourself motivated for it. Spend some time looking at things for the house, don’t buy anything, just get excited about it. So when you are out and see something you want, you can stop and think “No, I really want my house. That little reading nook I saw on Pintrest would be better than this thing”. Or if you want to advance your career, keep a list of things you accomplished that day to keep you going. Whatever motivates you to keep going, to keep getting better, even if it is silly. I remember at my one job that I loathed, I used to keep sticky notes with every issue I fixed. I would then count each note as a point and had rewards with point amounts. Then I would trade in notes for rewards to myself based on the amount of points I achieved. It was silly, but because I hated that job, I needed a way to keep going and that did it for me.

Whatever it takes, no matter how silly it is, if it keeps you going, keep doing it.


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